Sailing in the traditional boats of the Balandro Joaquín Vieta and Terra de Outes associations, and in the adapted vehicle of the ADECO-DEA association.
WEDNESDAY, 1st NOV | 12:00
FRIDAY, 3rd NOV | 12:00
SUNDAY, 5th NOV | 10:00

Riverside carpentry was for centuries one of the key activities in Outes and, currently, multiple living examples of it still exist in the territory. Boats that were once used for the transport of goods or inshore fishing continue to sail thanks to local associations that ensure their preservation.

In addition to exploring the coastline of the Ría de Muros and Noia aboard wooden boats, an adapted vehicle will make navigation more accessible for people with functional diversity.

Available seats for Joaquín Vieta: 12
Available seats for Terra de Outes: 12
Available seats for inclusive navigation: 8

*The trip aboard the Joaquín Vieta has a price of €15 per person.


“2222: o ano da serpe”
WEDNESDAY, 1st NOV | 17:00​

Photographer Antonio Nodar (Baíñas, 1954) offers us a glimpse into the future shaped by climate change. 2222: o ano da serpe is a visual reflection of the future, derived from the images of the present. Present-day photographs of the Costa da Morte serve as a lens through which we can envision a futuristic narrative of the ongoing and impending effects of climate change, all framed by our ever-evolving perception of light. These subtle environmental transformations may be imperceptible now, but they will inevitably alter our perspective of the surrounding landscape.

The collection comprises 15 photographs and will be on display from November 1 to 30 in Outes.


“Mar de Ardora” (Radio Galega)
THURSDAY, 2nd NOV | 12:00

Live recording of a special program of Radio Galega’s “Mar de Ardora”, presented by journalist Xusto López Carril, which combines current news about the marine world with interviews and personal experiences.

Guests: Marcos Gallego (director of MDFDM), Francisco Xosé Fernández Naval “Chisco” (writer and screenwriter), Mercedes Silva “Totakeki” (shellfish harvester and influencer) e Alba Quintela (Outes councillor).


“Sustainability in film festivals in rural areas”
FRIDAY, 3rd NOV | 10:00

The rise in temperatures, increasing levels of greenhouse gases, and higher sea levels are all examples of climate change and global warming, issues of significant concern in today’s society. Film festivals are also actively engaged in addressing these concerns and are increasingly implementing measures to assess and mitigate their environmental impacts.

Around these topics, an interesting discussion will be held, moderated by Marcos Gallego (director of MDFDM). He will be accompanied by: Adela Lestón (shellfish harvester and president of Asociación de Mulleres do Sector Pesqueiro SEO Fisterra-Ría de Muros Noia), Antonio Rodríguez (MDFDM communication), María Baqueiro (coordinator of Pacto Cultura Sustentable de Galicia) and Arancha Estévez (journalist specialised in sustainability).


“Crónicas do mar”
SATURDAY, 4th NOV | 10:00

Books, cinema, and the sea will come together with a central theme: the relationship between humans and marine mammals on the Galician coast.

The “Crónicas do mar” roundtable will offer an exploration of the significant facets of the relationship between coastal communities and large cetaceans. It will encompass various topics, including the last operating whaling factory in Galicia, the Caneliñas factory in Cee, and recent incidents involving unusual behaviours of orcas near the Galician coast.

Accompanying Marcos Gallego (director of the MDFDM), will be: Francisco Xosé Fernández Naval “Chisco” (writer and screenwriter), Xosé Iglesias (sailor, artist and poet), Níels Eirnarsson (anthropologist) and Paula Castiñeira Iglesias (journalist and filmmaker).

The activity will take place at the Riverside Carpentry Museum “Estaleiro de Ciprián” (if the weather is unfavourable, it will be moved to the O Freixo Nautical Centre).


SUNDAY, 5th NOV | 12:00

The Asociación de Hostalaría Ría da Estrela and the Azul de Portosín brand will offer an exciting experience for the senses, where local products will be the protagonists.

A representation of the members of the Asociación de Hostalaría Ría da Estrela, the Ría of Muros and Noia, will be in charge of preparing several dishes live. The main basis of the tasting will be blue fish from the purse seine fleet with the Azul de Portosín, seal, which certifies the quality and freshness of the product.